Coconut is a versatile and beloved flavour around the world, strongly associated with the health benefits of the nut itself. As a native Caribbean company we take a customer request for a coconut flavour very seriously, as we consume coconut daily, and in ways that may surprise an American or European customer.

Coconuts have amazing variety in the Caribbean

Genetic studies show that coconuts originated in the region between Southwest Asia and Melanesia, where you can find the greatest diversity of types of coconuts. Early Austronesian sailors very likely brought coconuts to the Americas where the green-skinned variety can be found plentifully today, though the smaller, brown, hard-shelled kind is also present. Though it is a 'transplant' the coconut tree grows on island shores easily as it requires warm temperatures, enjoys sandy soils and is not bothered by salt water. Coconut trees abound on the perimeters of Caribbean nations and so it has become a symbol of the region. It is a symbol that we are proud to claim, as well as the nut (or drupe as it has been argued).  

Coconut Ice Cream Trinidad Stuart Brothers

Much like oranges or grapes there is no one exact coconut flavour, there is a range depending on the varietal, sweetness, ripeness, and intensity. Internationally coconut is associated with sweet desserts, and is most often paired with chocolate, caramel and butterscotch though in the Caribbean the milk forms part of the base of many savoury dishes including curries. Despite this, Stuart Brothers has almost exclusively thus far provided flavour solutions for those seeking coconut in sweet products. We have worked with clients on ice creams, yogurts, cakes, cookies, cream fillings, and frostings. 

We encourage clients to consider coconut beyond the Pina Colada, it combines with other flavours so well to round out a final product. In the forefront or background it is a familiar taste but uncommon at the same time. Let us help you add depth to your flavour profile with coconut.