BE All Natural

The ability to market yourself as ‘all-natural’ has never been so beneficial to your bottom line. To do that your flavour needs to be natural as well. This comes at a cost, but discerning consumers are making choices that make it all worth it. We’ve been stepping up our explorations of natural flavours, colours, and essential oils. Even if you aren’t looking to revamp just yet, it is a good idea to start the process of product development early. Be prepared should you need to move up your schedule, we can help.

BE Health Conscious

The rise of a worldwide pandemic has brought health into sharp focus for today’s consumer. We are seeing government regulation around sugar and alcohol intake, as well as ever-increasing nutritional awareness through marketing campaigns and more transparent packaging information. There can be no surprise now, that today’s consumer is seeking wider choices where great-tasting foods and beverages made from healthier sources are concerned, particularly in the area of reduced sugar and low/no alcohol. Products that are able to match this profile with functional benefits will have the sharper edge though, particularly if the product offers immune-boosting qualities.

BE Sustainability Driven

The quest to ensuring that our food is healthy is matched only by the increasing desire to protect our planet. Consumers, now more than ever before, are aware of their purchasing power and are putting that power to use. We are seeing a drastic increase in online profiles becoming more environmentally-friendly. This has led to demands of Eco-friendly packaging and marques of environmental standards, such as Fairtrade and Carbon Trust, all carry strong currency with Millennials and Gen Z demographics in particular. Indeed, Global Data’s 2019 Q3 consumer survey showed that 60% of respondents claimed to be interested in ‘low carbon footprint’ and ‘low water footprint’ promises on food and drink.

BE Active & Authentic

Your brand’s authenticity is more important than ever. In a 2019 survey by SocialMediaToday, 90% of consumers said that they’re looking for authenticity when deciding what brands they’ll support. They want brands to have real conversations about what’s happening in the world, but the same report shows that consumers believe less than half are doing it.

BE Prepared for Premiumisation

Limited social interaction has led to a restless, yet captive audience, forced to rethink their home entertainment habits. Consumers still want excellent taste and high-quality ingredients but they are now prepared to be more adventurous with flavour and more demanding in terms of experience. Also more discerning, the consumer has now developed the tendency to be selective, to invest in fewer, better products and experiences, reining in the spending on things that don't matter to them to free up the money for other things that do.

DO Offer Convenience

To reduce exposure to COVID-19, bulk buying has become standard practice, with online deliveries of meals and drinks, not just the weekly shopping trip, now increasingly popular. Bigger, re-sealable packs of our favourite snacks like chocolates or chips, or RTD offerings of tea and coffee, as well as larger quantities of cans and bottles sold in multiples, are also becoming more common. In the same way, RTD cocktails and other ready-to-drink versions of beverages typically found in a bar have been skyrocketing. The challenge here remains capturing and instilling exactly the right flavours and mouthfeel that consumers would normally experience in their favourite watering hole, as well as communicating how to replicate the perfect drink experience at home. This is where smart packaging and cutting-edge technology will also play a part going forward.